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Facial Cupping

This ancient skin-care technique, which comes from traditional Eastern medicine, uses cups to increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

In Facial Cupping, small conical cups are constantly moved across the face with the help of a facial oil.  The cups create gentle suction to encourage the movement of fluid. When a better flow is created nutrients are drawn to the surface of the skin, re-energising and refreshing it.  

Some of the benefits include:

  • Reducing wrinkles and lines

  • Firming and toning the skin

  • Helping the reduction of puffy eyes

  • Increasing blood circulation

  • Helping to alleviate symptoms of sinusitis

  • Helping to reduce jaw lock and bruxism (teeth grinding)


I offer this as an add-on treatment, including also some facial massage to relax and lift the face and application of the jade sculpting and lifting Guasha tool to enhance the benefits of the Facial Cupping.

I also include some Facial Cupping in the Zone Face Lift treatment if it is something that the client wishes to have.

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