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What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Reflexologists work holistically with their clients and aim to work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote better health for their clients. 


Will reflexology help me?


As modern-day life brings increasing levels of anxiety and stress it is becoming ever more important to take care of our own health and wellbeing.


Reflexology is a natural and safe therapy which uses the technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex points on the feet, hands or face.  It is based on the theory that different reflex points on the feet, hands or face correspond with different areas of the body.  By stimulating these reflex points a positive response can be achieved in the corresponding part of the body.  It is a therapy that can be received by anyone at any age.  There are occasionally times when it might not be suitable; if you are concerned please call or email to ask.


The benefits of reflexology


Reflexology does not claim to cure or diagnose.  It may however help bring about a state of deep relaxation and stimulate the body’s own healing processes.  Reflexology is a very individual treatment, it looks at the person as a whole and is concerned with the causes of the problems rather than just the symptoms.  Many people use it as a way of relaxing the mind and body to reduce tension.  Often people find it helps them to sleep and improves their mood and sense of wellbeing.  


Reflexology helps


  • Stress

  • Low energy levels and fatigue

  • Sleep disorders and insomnia

  • Hormonal imbalances including menopause symptoms

  • Digestive issues

  • Pain and inflammation

  • Headache and migraines

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Pregnancy

Here is one of my social media demo videos. I hope you enjoy the lighthearted mood of the filming. 

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