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Looking back a good few years (more than I want to believe!), I realise that my journey into alternative and holistic therapies started with a passion for energetic healing which I felt while still living in my home city of Barcelona. Even so, I would never have imagined then that my journey, via marriage to an Englishman and moving to London, would lead me to become a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner. But this journey took quite a while to unfold…

I chose to become a ‘mum at home’ for my 2 children and as they grew older I felt the need to venture out and do something for myself. I then stumbled across Nicola, a Salsa teacher and passionate dancer who was teaching Zumba. With her persuasive encouragement, I found myself working for her as a qualified Zumba instructor. I will never forget my first class. As I was driving to the venue gripped by fear and panic and thinking that it was all just a ‘bad dream’, I overcame my anxiety and delivered what would be one of the hugest turning points in my life. It marked the beginning of fantastic years to come full of joy, discovery and laughter.

I will always consider Zumba a stepping stone in my life into becoming a more confident, well-balanced person, who would only do a job that they truly loved. My enthusiasm for alternative therapies only increased and as I was evaluating my working life my good friend Anna, over a cup of coffee, suggested I studied reflexology. My immediate reaction was: ‘when pigs fly’. Handling people’s feet was not for me and going to college to study again was out of the question. Nonetheless, I enrolled in the London School of Reflexology in Regent’s Park and, after a very challenging 9 months, I qualified as a Reflexologist. I then went on to enrol in a Facial Reflexology course and parallel to this I found a Reiki Master and qualified in Reiki also. Healing, I found, was always my great goal and finally I could deliver both therapies.

So, here I am today with my own Reflexology practice in Wanstead, helping my clients, by means of this wonderful therapy, to heal themselves and to address many health conditions and improve their sense of well-being. As one of my teachers says ‘the feet never lie’. I also practice Reiki, a soothing yet powerful hands-on therapy for stress reduction, relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind. Outside of my practice I have also experimented with the healing of Reiki for friend’s and family’s pets.

This is not the end of my journey! My dedication and yearning to carry on learning whilst sharing with my clients will continue for many years to come.



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From time to time we stop, take stock, absorb and reflect. I dare say the unexpected sudden death of my mum in Spain, who I hadn’t seen for over 18 months, (I reside in the U.K.) may have been the inspiration of this post and delving deeper in life and also as a Reflexologist with the hope that many of you may relate in part to my ponderings.

Why did we choose to be a Reflexologist? Was it an inherent desire or was it triggered by a turning point in our lives that guided us to follow this call? We will all have different answers to the reasons for electing this journey but we will all agree that we chose to be a Reflexologist because there was some kind of inner desire to expand and complement our life first and then help others who were willing to embark on a different approach to healing than the conventional one.

Having been born and raised in a very conservative Spanish family I always veered towards some holistic approach to life from a young age, giving me a hidden quirk that I have only allowed to come out in recent years with pride and not fearing being judged.

Reflexology entered my life in my 20’s as a client after moving to the U.K. I only embarked on becoming a Reflexologist at a mature age. A concoction of emotions and challenges filled me with dread at times as most of my reflexology course peers in London were younger, sharper and with a wider knowledge of the business and the tech world. Nine months of ‘ups and downs’ but perseverance and hard work enabled me to qualify as a Reflexologist and for it to become my new career as my ‘old career’ as a mum at home had come to a natural end.

The first few years were filled with really hard work, putting all the hours that were necessary and getting my name out there. Every time a new client came to my practice I always feared the regular question: ‘How long have you been practicing? My answer went from one week, one month, and one year to six years nowadays. I never lied or justified, it was what it was. My motto: Never pretend what you are not.

A turning point as I said so many times before, was attending the Reflexology for the treatment of pain course with

Mauricio Kruchik in the UK. This is when the passion for this practice got reignited and hungered for more knowledge and study which I continued online ever since with him and more recently also with Mécia Vanessa. Thank you again both.

The different types of clients started appearing in my practice with so many different conditions I had never treated before: fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, brain injury, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, Bell’s palsy and so on. My confidence had grown alongside my studying. I tapped into every client not only with my newly acquired knowledge but trusting my intuition.

From the hard work of building up my practice the dynamic changed for the first time to new clients finding me organically. My energy started attracting the clients who were meant to come. Different reasons for each of them. We all attract what we give out. There is always a specific client for a specific Reflexologist.

I have ceased fighting my shortcomings in marketing and technology skills. I try my best and let the rest flow. I believe in the law of attraction and just being me seems to be at the moment which is making my practice remain dynamic. Client’s referrals and Google reviews have been a massive help.

Passion and care for my clients drive me, impeccability in my work to the best of my abilities and flexibility when it is needed with boundaries in place.

And with this after a yet long post, I am grateful for your read and even if it only inspires one person I will be elated.

Happy Sunday to all the Reflexologists around the Globe.

Thank you for being part of THE REFLEXOLOGY WORLD NETWORK TRIBE!

Sylvia x
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